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I am pretty sure we know this one but please carry on reading! One of the main things that have a huge impact on your skin is your water intake. It is advised to at least drink 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated!

First and foremost you must feed your body goodness to achieve hydrated glowing skin. If we don't do the things which are good for our skin, we will have the same results! Water doesn't only give you good skin it also increases your energy levels & flushes out toxins from your body. How amazing!? Drinking water also balances the oil and water content on the skin of your face! This helps to prevent excess oil and sebum secretion, which means fewer clogged pores and acne.

The truth is that when you drink water, it doesn't automatically go to the skin. It hydrates cells once absorbed into the bloodstream and filtered by the kidneys. So at the cellular level, drinking water is great as it flushes the system and hydrates our bodies overall.

Remember water is your best friend! It is the key to good health.

TIP 1! Try to at least drink 8 glasses for 3 days! Try it!


Keep your body healthy with all your veggies...!! To get clear skin; eating your veggies is another way to get glowing fresh skin. If you are not a veggie person; perhaps prepare a stir fry with your favourite sauce? It's very important to get all your greens in! Especially with the winter approaching; we need to look after our health more than anything! You can also prepare yourself a juice by purchasing a juicer for example?

TIP 2: Try and prepare at least 3 meals this week which have a mix of veggies!


It is important to find a good skincare routine which suits your skin!

Have you found the right skincare for your skin? There are loads of brands out there which tailor to different skin types. It is important to find a skincare brand which doesn't irritate your skin or make your skin feel uneasy. Skincare should be therapeutic. From a young age I always suffered from acne and was prescribed Accutane! This is such a strong medication which has many side effects. The reason for my skin to be filled with acne and even cystic acne was because I used to layer my skin with foundation!

This led to my skin not breathing and eventually got clogged up and flared up even more. During Accutane my skin became super dry, even my neck and hands. Now that I have formulated my own skincare brand, I use the Moroccan Pearl Facial Oil & Turmeric Glow Facial Cleansing Bar.

I literally adore the Moroccan Pearl Facial Oil, it soaks into my skin without feeling too greasy. It has transformed a lot of our customers skin with its Rosehip oil properties as it helps fade scarring. Our luxurious facial oil is blended with 12 oils & 2 active ingredients which are Raw Pearl Powder & Saffron strands which help brighten up your skin.

Some of the oils blended are; Blackcurrant oil which helps collagen levels, Blackseed oil fights against acne and spots, Argan oil gives you a youthful glow, Jojoba oil nourishes your skin deeply! These are just a few of many oils we have blended together to create a formula which tackles many skin conditions.

Check our SHOP in our website for our skin duo!

Moroccan Pearl Facial Oil & Turmeric Glow Facial Cleansing Bar.

TIP 3! Find a skincare routine which suits you! This is very important to get your skin looking healthy!


How many times do you exercise per week? How do you release your stress? If you hold on to stress, it is likely that your skin will end up looking stressed and you will result with pimples. Exercising is not only good for your physical health but it also really lifts your mental health.

The more you move your body around the better you will feel! I for example; when I wake up in the morning and have a productive day I feel so good! Keeping busy is the key.

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improves, you have more energy to tackle your daily routines.

TIP 4! Try and exercise at least 2 times this week! If you can do it 2 times, why can't you implement this into your weekly routine?


Taking time out to relax is very important for your well being! Our well being reflects onto our skin. Believe it or not. It does. Have you noticed that, when you treat yourself to a spa day, your skin is calm & relaxed? On the other hand, when you are over working and running around, you look dull and stressed?

Well! Find something to keep you at bay and if you are not one of those individuals which can not relax, how about a hot bath once a week? It makes a huge difference! The more relaxed and less stressed you are the better your skin will appear.

Keep calm & happy, I know at current Covid 19 is around us and we are limited with the things we can do, but try and find at least 1 thing which brings you enjoyment!

TIP 5! Find 1 thing which will bring you enjoyment this week...!!

I hope you all enjoyed my first blog, I actually took a lot of time writing this up, and its pretty cool!

See you all soon on the next blog post x


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hi sev new to ure products but recently purchased ure cleansing bar really enjoying using it thanx roz

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