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Natural Herbs



Founder of Sevs Natural Skincare a skincare enthusiast & Business Management graduate always believed in makeup free skin & being comfortable within your own skin. As her ethnic background was Turkish, using simple natural skincare was inbuilt. As a young teenager she had severe acne & at a stage in life chose to totally cut out makeup and allowing her ‘skin to breathe’ whilst using delicate natural skincare. The ambition of the brand is to build confidence in women to love and embrace their own skin without having to rely on makeup to cover their flaws & instead to use delicate nourishing natural products filled with nutrients on their skin.

Having had a huge interest in skincare, Sev achieved accredited beauty courses & became a Beauty therapist. This leaded her to work with a wide range of clients & skin types. She gained a vast majority of knowledge in skin types & skincare which helped her in formulating her own skincare line.

A leading Skin Care Brand, Sevs Natural Skincare has made a breakthrough in the industry since its founding in 2019. Established on the foundations of dedication and commitment, Sevs Natural Skincare provides exceptional luxurious skin care & body care products.

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